Social Studies Class Resources

This page contains Internet sites which students can use for their classes. All the links on this page have been seen and approved for students sight but we have not had enough time to check each link on the pages of our web site that are on this page.

General Sites

Currency Exchange Rates

History Channel


Presidents Day for Grade 2


        Chanukkah  for 4th graders

Current Events

Buffalo NY Times


New York Times

Time Magazine

Times of London

Daily Edition

Sunday Edition

USA Today

Washington Post

Election 2008 from Scholastic News


Mrs. See's Links

Learn About Native Americans

Native American Research

Orrin's Website

Native Americans in Olden Times

World Book On-line

World Book Kids


          Presidents and First Ladies

          Martin Luther King

Timeline for the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Background info

Text for the "I Have a Dream" Speech

Biography for Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King - Nobel Prize Site


Gallery of Acheivement

World Biographies


Map Blast

Map Quest


New Jersey


State of New Jersey Website

Hangout, NJ

        The Statue of Liberty

      Mrs. Papendick's Ellis Island site

                 Memorial Day


Cities, Towns, & Townships

The United States


The White House

The White House for Kids

President Cabinet Factfile   

Presidential Factfile

3 Branches of Government Interactive Game


Native Americans

Native Americans Tribes Links

Native American Nations

Smithsonian Institution

The Cherokee

The Cherokee - Trail of Tears

Chinook Tribes

The Iroquois

Iroquois History

The Mandan
(Environment, Homes, Food, Uses for buffalo)


The Makah (Whaling)

Makah Ancesteral Home

Oklamhoma Tribes & Officials

The Rankous Indian Reservation
(New Jersey)


The 50 States

Explore the 50 States

National Parks Service Links to the Past

State Departments of Tourism



Mr. Umland's Sites:

Discoverers Web            

Explorer's Games             History Mystery Game

Thinkquest Games

Lizardpoint Geography

Fort McHenry



Immigration & Exploration

Ellis Island (Park Service)

Ellis Island (Foundation)

Tenement Museum

The Civil War

Battle of Gettysburg

Women of the Civil War

The Iditarod

      Mr. Umland's Iditarod

The Iditarod


The World

General Sites

CIA Factbook  Flags and Maps


National Anthems of the World

Ancient Rome

Ancient Roman Coins

The Christian Catacombs of Rome


Egyptian Tourism

Yahooligans Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Carnegie Museum Ancient Egypt

Medicine of Ancient Egypt



Real Story of the Olympic Games

Olympic fun for 2004

Olympic games and puzzles

Olympic Links

       Ancient Greece Webquest  

     Ancient Greek Government

Ms. Abernethy     Election Sites

Weekly Reader                          CNN

MSN                                 Democratic Party                    

John Kerry                         George Bush

Ralph Nader                      America Votes

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom

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